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"The Farm Home Studio  is a Professional Recording, Production, Mixing and Mastering studio (in DAW) designed to enjoy and create music in all its state, grow in a productive environment, and above all get to fully exploit the artistic skills of those who want to sound with professional quality within the new music industry.

I particularly consider that it is fundamental to achieve a bond in which a good atmosphere can be created to be able to work comfortably, at ease, and above all, enjoying the process.

AND  something that must prevail over everything, is the satisfaction of the  artist.

Here we have that predisposition always in favor of improving the quality of services, and based on the artist feeling relaxed and calm at all times. which without a doubt  seek better results.

On the other hand, we look for a quality sound based on our experience, but always listening carefully to the indications of the artist or group that wants to work with us, and looking for similar solutions to achieve the same goal:  "give soul" to the songs we make.

Because that's what all this is about: giving feelings, emotions and life to our music.


Precisely that conglomerate that transmits music,  led me to create The FarmHome Studio.

A place where you can develop your artistic talent and help you achieve that  powerful and defined sound that you have always wanted, obtain that punch and clarity that your mixes lack, reach an optimal level of loudness in mastering, and in short, achieve that professional level in your songs that the music industry demands at this time .


I know how difficult and long this process can be sometimes, and that's why I want you to get quick results thanks to the experience I give you.


Don't think about it if you don't know where to record your lyrics... THIS IS YOUR SITE. "


Juan Diego



Real Place, 99 Vera (Almería)

Juan Diego

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607 04 00 52

613 42 55 54

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